Pit Ponies

Our History as Mining Equipment Movers

Mega-move-diggersWith more than 16 years experience as mining equipment movers the Pit Ponies name is now synonymous with expert vehicle hire and haulage.

Specialising in offering services to both the underground and gas mining industry, Pit Ponies has a range of services and equipment to help move equipment and resources where they need to be.

Over the years, to meet the needs of our customers, Pit Ponies has expanded organically to offer surface level solutions. This means if you need a piece of mining equipment moved or transported Pit Ponies are your logical choice to complete the task.

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Our Origins

Last-pit-ponyThe first coal mine in Queensland was opened by John Williams in 1843 on the riverbank at Redbank. Mines used horses (known as pit ponies) as mining equipment movers and to shift coal and people around the mines. By 1913 there were 70,000 ponies working in the mines. These horses, like the men, worked shifts and we’re considered work mates by the miners that worked with them.

By 1984 there was 55 pit ponies still in service – with the last pony retiring in 1999.

These days a new breed of pit ponies work the mines, but it is from these humble origins that Pit Ponies take it’s name.

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